Wet Bag Daisies by the pool

Wet Bags: The Mum Hack You Never Knew You Needed

I’m all about finding any mum hack to make life easier and boy have I found one for you!! Wet Bags! You’ve probably seen your cloth nappy using friends with them but they have so many uses beyond nappies. Since trying wet bags for the first time I couldn’t live without them now. And not just for my kids – I love them for me too!

The Many Faces of Wet Bags

So, we all know wet bags are like the MVPs of cloth nappy life, but guess what? They're secret weapons for tackling messes beyond the changing table chaos. In our house we use them for soggy bathers after beach days or swimming lessons, impromptu mud-stomping sessions with the kiddos, dirty smocks after eating out, keeping the nappy bag neat, and personally I use them as packing cells when we go away now!

Choosing the Right Wet Bag for You

Let's talk sizes, my friends. We've got wet bags for every occasion – from quick grocery runs to weekend getaways. At 20cm x 25cm our medium bags are compact enough to use as a nappy wallet or stash in your stroller pocket. They fit x1 disposable nappy plus a packet of wipes or change of clothes. Or x1 cloth nappy.

If you need more room our large bags are for you. At 30cm x 35cm they easily fit everything you need for swimming lessons or a day at the beach and thanks to the 2 separate pockets you can zip wet bathers in the front pocket and know they won’t leak through.

Tips for Care and Maintenance

Life's busy, and who's got time for high-maintenance gear? That's why our wet bags are as easy to care for as they are to love. Toss them in the machine with your regular laundry, and voilà – ready for the next adventure. And here's a mum hack: let them air out after use for that fresh-as-a-daisy vibe.

In a nutshell, Ellie Bub Wet Bags are the eco-friendly sidekicks you never knew you needed. From nappies to wet clothes and everything in between, we've got your back (and your mess). Check out our collection today and join me in making parenting a tad easier and a whole lot more stylish.

Cheers to mess-free adventures.
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