Mindset Tips To Ease The Anxiety Of Starting Solids

Mindset Tips To Ease The Anxiety Of Starting Solids

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The very first time my daughter tasted something that wasn't milk.

I'd been planning for this day for weeks - months! Reading articles, blogs, listening to podcasts, talking to my mum friends about starting solids. 

I was so ready for this moment, so full of excitement. 

Then that excitement quickly gave way to anxiety. 

I'm no whiz in the kitchen - how was I going to prepare all these perfect balanced healthy meals for my baby every day? What if she doesn't like my cooking? The other babies at mothers group seem to be getting the hang of it quicker than my baby - is something wrong?! Is it me that's getting it all wrong? 

And so on and so on... you get the picture.

Anyhoo suffice to say I ended up figuring out a way forward that worked for our family. My daughter got the hang of eating in her own time and I eventually learned to tune out the noise and trust that all would work out in the end.

Along the way I had a few mindset shifts that definitely helped ease the anxiety. I hope they do the same for you.

Ignore the IG highlights reels

Don’t let accounts that show perfectly beautiful meals make you feel ‘less than’ or that you’re not doing enough for your babe.

Simply offering your baby the same food as you’re already eating (serve in an age appropriate and safe shape and size) is more than fine, in fact it’s probably better than preparing separate meals for bub because it means you eat together and bub sees you eating the same as them.

Remember all babies are different

As with all milestones, every baby does things in their own way in their own time.

Some will take to solids from the first bite with no issues, some take a while longer and others are somewhere in between.

If your baby isn’t all that interested to begin with or mostly plays with their food and doesn’t actually ‘eat’ much don’t stress! They’ll get it when they’re ready. As always though, trust your mama instinct and don’t be afraid to see your GP if you feel something is amiss.

Keep it simple

Don’t over complicate it! You don't need to go to great lengths to prepare gourmet meals for bub if that's not your normal style of cooking. And you certainly don't need to cook separate baby lead weaning meals for your littlie. Look at what you eat on a daily basis and take elements of it to make safe for bub and serve that. 

For example - if you're having roast chicken and veggies for dinner, serve bub finger sized portions of the soft roast pumpkin or blitz the pumpkin to make a puree. If you're having yoghurt and muesli for breakfast, let bub explore the textures of the yoghurt.

Keep it simple Mama! 

Embrace the Mess

If it’s the mess that has you anxious firstly know I totally get it. You’re a busy, tired, time-poor mum, the last thing you need is MORE washing and MORE dirty floors. It may help to remember this super messy stage at the beginning is all part of the learning journey and will get better with time.

Sometimes though, no matter how much you 'know' that the mess is a good thing, it doesn’t change the fact that you still have a baby, high hair and floor all covered in food and someone's gotta clean it up.

Enter Smock Bibs and Messy Mats. Smock Bibs will save you having to change bubs clothes and a Messy Mat under the high chair means no need to sweep or mop up dropped food after every meal. Because goodness knows you've got enough to worry about already - so let this be one less thing on your mind. 

Starting solids is a huge milestone for your little one and for you too! We all feel anxious in one way or another about it. Hopefully these couple of tips help give you some peace of mind and create space for you to replace some of that anxiety with joy and excitement during this time. 

Sending you so much love Mama - you're doing great.






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